Matt & Melissa's new baby Caleb

Check out the newest member of the Schwamb Tribe by clicking here:
Caleb Matthew born on September 10, 2010. Stats: 8lb 5oz, 21 inches
He looks very much like his brother Parker.

Family Films

Some of the old family films are now on

Hadley Jane

i have started an album for our newest addition, hadley jane custard.  click here for her blog.

Rhubarb Pie Recipies

Welcome to the world, Boden William Schwamb

Here are some pictures of the new baby!

Bran Muffin Recipe

Finding Christmas Trees

The family headed out to Thorn Crest Farm to find their Christmas Trees. Good weather, beautiful trees and lots of laughs made the morning hunt a success. Follow the hunt here.

Halloween in Northfield

Photos up in Jonas' gallery from Halloween in Northfield.  Also a couple videos are up on Jonas' blog.

Pumpkin Party

Click the link to see pictures of the pumpkin party.

Noah's 2nd Birthday Party

See Noah's Party Pics

Mantrap Lodge September 2009

To Mantrap Lodge...
Load your Mantrap Lodge photos to this album.
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jonas has a blog

the life and times of jonas alan custard will be documented here for future embarrassment...

GG's Birthday

pete 017r candles

pete 019

GG turned 81 on Sunday! The grands were there to help celebrate. See more pics here


We've got some kites to fly at Easter so wear appropriate clothing especially if you plan on hiking up the hill. When you kids were little we tied the kite string around your belly so you wouldn't loose your kite.We kept a close eye on Noel because he was so skinny we thought he would be the first to be lifted into the air.

Aaron and Emily are married!

See the first of the pics by clicking the picture below...

(or visit the "Aaron, Emily & Jonas" album under Photos)

Jonas took his first steps today!

This afternoon, Jonas hit a milestone when he let go of his crib and took 4 steps into my arms.  He knew he had accomplished something great by my burst of excitement.  He giggled and repeated several times. Later in the day he took 5 steps into Aunt Cassie's arms.  Of course he had to show his dad and repeated the walk almost until bedtime.

Way to go Jonas!!!

Valley Chicks



I love my chickens! The little ones call them the buck bucks!

Helen ~ Alice ~ Alta ~ Judy ~ Josie ~ Edna ~ Edith ~ Esther and Eily