We are all fine and able to get out of the valley by traveling several back roads. Miesville and surrounding areas were hit with very high winds, hail and more rain on Monday night. We had power by 9:00 a.m. but the power lines in Miesville were snapped in half and the road was closed. Pete made it to Cub where they had no power but were selling food if you had cash or checks. Our 5 acres has not been damaged at all. The driveway is holding up and hopefully we will get gravel and garbage pick up sometime this week.
I added a few more pics here
After a power outage and 10 inches of rain we were unable get out of the ravine or our driveway. Trout Brook Bridge is an island with 15 ft of nothing surrounding it. Check out the pictures from some of the damage here. We are fine and no damage to our 5 acres. Our driveway needs some work and a new culvert will need to be put in. Miesville Trail is closed to thru traffic with a single lane that ends at the bridge.