Grandma was visited by a black bear Monday morning about 7:00 a.m.

While at the dining room window checking my email after Pete had gone to work, a big black bear reached up to the bird feeder and scared me to death (I thought it was Big Foot!). I ran around shutting windows because he was sniffing so close to the windows.Then he lumbered over to the patio and starred at the cats. He was about 300 pounds. He went and hung over the stone house and sniffed at the grill. 
I called 911 and as the deputy was driving up the driveway, the bear was heading straight for the squad car. He showed GG and I the video of the bear coming towards his car and then scrambling up the hill when he turned on the sirens and lights.
I asked him why he didn't shoot the bear and he said he wasn't allowed to so I asked if I could shoot it and he said no. Only if it becomes a nuisance will it be shot. I think blocking me from getting in my car and getting to work would be considered a nuisance.
Beary exciting times in the valley.
Check out the newspaper story.The CF Beacon printed my picture with this story.